B&P's Hot Sauce 12 Pack The Anthology, Our Discography of Love For Hot Sauce


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A special collection of 12 hot sauces, nestled in the perfect gift box!

We'd like to introduce you to the whole hot sauce family! This is THE mega collection of Bushel & Peck's most fabulous and famous hot sauces!

Bushel & Peck's Hot Sauce Rainbow includes (12) 5 oz bottles:

Friendly Ghost - Savory and Balanced, Hot But Not Too Hot

Sweet Chili - Sweet + Hot, From The Far East

Mango Habanero - A Trip to The Tropics, Sweet and Hot

Holy Ghost - Our Ghost Pepper Concentrate, Extra Scary, Extra Hot

Fresh Tomatillo - Zingy, Citrusy, Bright & Fresh

Belizean Habanero- Central American Flavors, Hot, But Not Too Hot!

Fatalii Attraction - - Seductive, Addictive & Spicy, Bright and Citrusy

Cherry Bomb - Our very best selling hot sauce! Highly addictive! Hard to explain, you're gonna have to try this one!

Smokey Dokey - Smoked Fresno & Jalapeno Peppers - Hot and Smoky with a touch of Garlic and Lime

Jalapeno Lime - Classic, full bodied Verde Sauce

Golden Ghost - Mellow Ghost Pepper Sauce, More Flavor, Less Heat

Better Sriracha - Classic and Simple, Slightly Sweet, Pretty Dang Hot

Customers swear by our hot sauces for a wonderful combination of heat and flavor. You will thank us for not scorching your palette! Enjoy!



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Customer Reviews

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Richard Bucholtz

Etsy Customer Review

Etsy Customer Review

Great service and high quality sauces!

Etsy Customer Review

The best hot sauces ever

Bret Patrick
Etsy Customer Review

Wonderful product from a creative group of owners.
Wish they had recipes. . .


Etsy Customer Review